Falling in love again?

I have always wondered why some people keep repeating that same cycle of failed relationship, after failed relationship.
The article below answers some of those questions and offers a few very good insights.
It is natural to blame other people and circumstances for what we experience but the truth is that these cycles repeat around certain people because they, themselves are the problem. They carry the problem with them, from relationship to relationship. Blaming others is therefore, not dealing to the underlying issue.
If you are one of these people, you may need to take the hard step and ask yourself, “what did I do wrong?.” Ultimately you may not be to blame for the break up of your relationships (whether they be romantic relationships, your family, your social groups or at your jobs), but you will never know, unless you are willing to accept that maybe you are.
And then take the advice below and begin the process of learning to love yourself before trying again to love someone else.

The Two Biggest Mistakes Newly Single People Make

By Michelle D’Avella

When we’re truly single we have a chance to transform like never before. We have the opportunity to face into our pain, transmute it, and turn our heartbreak into our greatest lesson.

Two of the biggest mistakes newly single people make are these:

  • Jumping back into a relationship without healing, reflecting, and working on themselves
  • Staying single but numbing the pain with distractions like drugs, food, alcohol, or TV

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