Life is easy for some people

envyIts easy to sit back and watch some people and think’ “its easy for them because they are rich”, or “its easy for them because they don’t have to endure what I get to face every day”.

But the simple fact is that this attitude is exactly what is stopping us from being ‘just like them’.

If you see someone enjoying greater fortune than you, you have got to stop thinking that life is so much easier for them. It only looks easier, because you haven’t seen the work they have put in and the struggles that they have faced to get into that position.

If we were willing to put-in the hard work and make the sacrifices, life would probably be a little easier for us too.

It is easy to envy other people’s ‘good fortune’ and apparent ‘greater happiness’, but are you willing to put in the work that they have had to put in, in order to gain it?

If we all aspire to  be richer and happier, how come some people achieve it and others don’t?

Its easy for anyone to fall in love with an ideal, an ambition. But people who are successful do not just fall in love with their end goal, they are in love with the process of getting there.

They love being rich but they also love getting up every morning at 5am to go to the gym to get physically and mentally fit. They enjoy working long hours and going home exhausted late every night. They enjoy risking everything that they have.

They enjoy being responsible for themselves and their future. They enjoy that when they do succeed, that its because of what they have done themselves, not what they were lucky enough to be given.

Next time you see someone who is successful and think to yourself, “wow, I wish I was that person and had what they have’, ask yourself what you are willing to give and give-up in order to be just like them.

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