Be an Orange

It’s an interesting thought, and not totally my own thought ….

If you were an orange and someone squeezed you, what would come out?

In my recent speech I spoke about discovering how the hate and frustration that you may feel towards someone or something will dissipate from your body if you will simply acknowledge that that person is simply doing their best.

The Orange analogy is very similar.

Think for a moment how you are feeling right now.

  • happy
  • sad
  • angry
  • frustrated
  • scared
  • unworthy?

If someone was to squeeze you, what would come out?

  • anger
  • hate
  • sadness / tears
  • fear
  • happiness / a smile
  • joy
  • frustration?

For me right now it would be sadness, confusion and probably a little bit of despair.

When someone does something or says something to us, they squeeze us and whatever is inside of us at that time will come out. We will be angry or we may cry because inside of us is anger, sadness or fear.

We may laugh or forgive because inside we feel happy and content.

We feel that we are not good enough, when we have envy inside.

What we feel, whether it be love or anger, comes from within us.

These things are inside us because we allow them inside. We think them into there.

If they are hurting you then you need to get them out:

  1. acknowledge how you are feeling and what is causing it. Be honest with your self
  2. express your feelings, in words to yourself or someone else, or write it down
  3. meditate. It doesn’t have to be complicated and you don’t need to be a master at it. A simple breathing meditation will help you stay in the present and stop dwelling on what is hurting you. Feel the bad emotions as they dissipate from your body
  4. get out and feel the sun on your face or simply exercise enough to build up a sweat and a sense of achievement. Sunlight has long been known as probably the greatest disinfectant of all. It is also great for disinfecting the mind and cleansing the soul.
  5. give yourself a break. Some issues that you face cannot be resolved all at once. You need to be willing to give yourself a break from worrying about stuff
  6. remind yourself that you are enough and that you have enough to live happily right now. Ease up on your expectations of yourself and know that you have all that you need to be happy
  7. give yourself a squeeze and see what comes out. If it is still not the sweet nectar of happiness, forgiveness, and contentment repeat from step 1.

Now get out and share your happiness.


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2 Responses to Be an Orange

  1. Fiona says:

    I love the concept of this

    Liked by 1 person

    • Graeme says:

      Its an idea that can really be developed into something very helpful for people struggling to understand their emotions or the emotions of others. Already we, as a family have begun using the concept as a way of checking in with each other and encouraging open expressions of our true feelings.


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