Where does courage come from?

I think it was Ed Hillary who said that no one ever did anything brave, that wasn’t scared first.

I take that to mean that unless something scares you, you don’t have to be brave to do it.

So where do the likes of Hillary get the courage to attempt to do something that no one has ever succeeded at before?

No one seemed to be able to give me a clear answer on this one, so I gave it some thought.

It’s plainly obvious really, where courage comes from. People like Ed Hillary do amazing things, things brave beyond the comprehension of most people but what we often fail to consider is that Everest wasn’t the first mountain that Hillary had climbed. Plenty of practice and experience had to be put in before attempting Everest.

All that Hillary was doing was something that he was good at, over and over again. Each time, just taking one more step.

It’s that easy. Keep doing what you are good at, even if you fail a couple of times. Each time take just one more step.

Courage comes from doing the things that we are good at.

I am good at talking and when I am able to talk, I feel good. When I feel that I’m being muzzled or not listened to, I begin to question myself and whether I am liked and valued as a person.

I am an introvert. When I am alone, I feel strong and confident. When forced into a group I feel unsure and unsafe.

I am good at questioning and challenging things. When people don’t like being questioned and challenged, I begin doubt my self-worth.

Courage is about overcoming your fears. So how can doing the things that we are good at be courageous?

I am an introvert and I grew up with a speech impairment. I feel good when I speak because that takes courage for me to do. I am prone to a lot of self doubt, so it takes courage for me to question and challenge things.

There are things that are way too easy for me. These things, because they don’t challenge me, don’t add to my sense of self-worth. The more I do these mundane things, the more I lose my confidence and my courage.

Mundane routine kills courage.

The more I think of it, Hillary was actually just doing what he was good at. Each time daring to take one step more than he had taken before.

That’s where courage comes from.

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