My Amazing Week

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI say a ‘week’ simply because that is what came to my head and it just seemed right so I went with it, but it’s been an amazing past few weeks, it really has.

A few weeks back I received some glowing feedback from a client on the service and support we deliver.

A week or so later another client did the same and this time the management in our company took note and acknowledged the great feedback and the work done by the team.

Imagine how thrilled they were when a third client did the same.

This also made me sit-up and take note of what I was doing.

Today a respected and admired work colleague came to me, looked me straight in the eye and said, ”I love coming here each day just to work with you. You always have amazing things to say. You are so inspirational.”

What an amazing thing to happen to anyone. This is what really got me to start thinking about my amazing week.

Last night I went to dinner with an acquaintance, someone that I have kind-of gotten to know, he said the he just wanted to get together outside of the environment in which we normally meet, for a really good chat. I would have in the past most likely found an excuse to not go, but instead I accepted.

We met at the restaurant and were seated, when Tony turned to me and said, “I am really excited about this, I have so been looking for to it.”

I still had no idea what ‘this’ was. Tony continued, “ I have never had many male friends, in fact I have never really had many friends at all, but I am so excited about the idea that you will be friend.”

Wow, I was blown away. I respect, admire and envy Tony. Never did I imagine that he would ever want to be my friend. I too, have never had many friends, and to be honest I don’t know what friendship is all about and how one goes about being a good friend, and Tony wants to be my friend.

We talked for 4 hours, nonstop, about all manner of things and we shared feelings, real feelings and made honest observations about each other. Then we agreed that this was all such a good thing that we would make it a regular thing.

Last night before I left work I was chatting on the phone to a colleague from a different office. He is struggling at the moment with business and with family life. He is scared of what may lie ahead. I told him about the Golden Hour that I speak about sometimes and the magic of taking the long way home after work. Taking the time to think through the events of the day and to clear your mind so that when you get home you have resolved all of that and you don’t drag it in through your own front door. That Golden Hour is the next hour when you can truly be present for your loved ones. The ones that matter the most.

This morning I checked in with him, “how was it? Did you take the long way home and did you feel better when you got home? [Did you enjoy that Golden Hour when you were with the ones that you love and you were ‘present’ with them?]”

He said, “ your words must have been ringing in my ears, because yes I did take the long way home (not the one I had planned) and yes I felt a lot better when I got home and we had a good night.”

My last 2 days have been incredible.

Last week I delivered a keynote speech, I was excited about it, and the response was amazing. A standing applause and a wai ata. Some incredible feedback and plenty of encouragement to do much more speaking. Tony was there, he heard the speech and something resonated with him that made him want to be my friend.

That was an amazing night.

I have decided to finally pursue something that I have long thought of doing. Just having made that decision alone is great, but even greater has been the realisation that I am never going to be ready to do it, so I may as well just start and see where it leads me. I won’t tell you what this is just yet, maybe some other day.

As a part of this particular journey I have had to ask 4 people to write a letter in support of me. That has not been easy and I have been putting this off. But last week I thought, dammit, just do it. So I sent off requests to a few people that I feel safe with and they have responded and the things that they have said about me in their letters really have been so gracious and so humbling. Thank you so much!!!

What an amazing week.

I told a manager the other day that he was wrong, and for the first time in a very long time, I didn’t hesitate to do it. He was amazed at what I had to say and he was grateful.

I told another manager today that the company has been wrong in their approach towards training and support and she agreed.

I can speak out and I can do things, I can impact peoples’ lives for the better.

People do want to be with me and people want to hear what I have to say because what I have to say has great value.

I am capable and I am worthy.

My keynote speech was incredible and inspirational for so many different people in so many different ways.

I am inspirational.

When someone suggested that I seriously consider running for Parliament a friend disagreed and said that I would be far more valuable outside of Parliament as a motivational speaker.

I have been on an amazing journey over the past 3 years. Everything I was and everything that I thought I was has been torn down and I have built it up again, but in a much better way.

I have rediscovered the best parts of me and I have blended that with a whole new sense of humility and gratefulness. I have done it all on my own terms and that is how I will continue to do it.

To add to my amazing week:

I published this blog last night, when I arrived at my office desk this morning I was greeted by a wonderful gift from a client. For no particular reason, other than just to say “thank you” for my help and support.

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One Response to My Amazing Week

  1. Tony Burns says:

    So I’ve just started this book called Changeology which uses science to help people thru the stages of deliberate change and there, on page 80 are the words “It is not the critic who counts…” and because of you (dear writer) these words mean so much more than if I were looking at them for the first time.


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